Brick Tub

For the iPhone and iPod Touch

Like playing with toy building bricks and want step-by-step instructions for neat models? Brick Tub is the app for you. Created by brick fans for brick fans just like yourself!

Brick Tub uses real life photos of bricks for each step. This makes Brick Tub easier to use than other brick building guides in the App Store. Now you can see what the model looks like in real life, not just a digital representation of it!

Since Brick Tub is based on an actual brick set, it is very easy to use Brick Tub on the go. You don't have to hope that you have the right pieces or take your entire brick collection with you! There is a great variety of models to be found in Brick Tub as well. Everything from animals to vehicles, there's even a windmill!

Please keep in mind, If there are any models you would like to see in Brick Tub please let us know! We are always looking for models to add to Brick Tub.

  • Based on a popular brick tub. No more looking through your brick collection.
  • Real life photo instructions
  • Unique models found nowhere else on the web
  • Retina Display optimized building instructions
  • Created by longtime fans of toy building bricks

Where can I get the brick tub used in this app?

This app is based on a popular plastic brick company's set #6166. At the time this was written, that set is available at:

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